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Celtic Jewelry

Celtic jewelry has a long history. The rich legacy left by our Celtic ancestors includes their fascinating myths and symbols evoking the great Celtics heroes and heroines like Cuchulainne, Diarmait, Ossian, Conan, Emer, Dierdre and Bran and legends of Faery folk. These incredible epics and their inspiring visual symbols have for centuries influenced the distinctive aesthetics of Celtic jewelry design. Today the rich coloration and sinuous intertwining of their geometric figures and the unique knotwork and organic forms of the ancient Celtic designs grace the fine jewelry pieces of Creative Irish Gifts' spectacular Celtic Jewelry collection.

Creative Irish Gifts offers the largest selection of fine Celtic jewelry on the Web. Our Celtic Jewelry collection includes exquisite Celtic wedding rings and bands, Celtic engagement rings, Celtic knot and knotwork jewelry, sterling silver and gold bracelets, necklaces and more, for both women and men.