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We visit Ireland to find most of our items, where our sources range from cottage crafters to brand name suppliers such as Belleek and Waterford. Also many of our Irish and Celtic themed items come from Scotland, Wales, England, Continental Europe, the United States and imported from Asia.

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Guinness T-Shirts

A Guinness T-shirt says it all. Where would Ireland be without the world renowned Guinness Dry Stout beer? Ireland was among the first countries to brew stout, the national beverage of the Irish. The most famous stout in Ireland is Guinness Dry Stout, first brewed by Arthur Guinness in 1759. Today the Guinness brand is admired throughout the world and the logo is seen everywhere from T-shirts to tattoos. More about Guinness.

Creative Irish Gifts' collection of genuine Guinness T-shirts, jackets, caps and other items offer that vintage Guinness appeal in the form of great gifts emblazoned with the unmistakable Guinness logo. Pull on an authentic Guinness T-shirt, a Rugby shirt on chilly evenings or a classic Guinness Polo shirt during a round of golf. Reward your loyal friends with a set of Guinness Pint Glasses or mugs, long or short sleeve Guinness T-shirts, necktie or even a wristwatch that pays tribute to Ireland's favorite brew.